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    Best Tips for Breastfeeding in Public

    While breastfeeding is dubbed to be best for babies, a lot of women are not too confident with breastfeeding in public. For one, this sometimes draw unwanted attention especially from male strangers which render a lot of breastfeeding moms self-conscious and anxious instead of being encouraged to nurse her baby. While it is understandable to be hesitant of breastfeeding in public, you should be aware that you are allowed by the law to do so. Federal law entitles you to breastfeed anywhere with your baby. Regardless of what state you live in, you have the right to nurse your baby in public.  A recent legislation also provides more support for…

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    How to Prevent and Deal with Mastitis

    Your breasts can get painful and inflamed due to clogged milk ducts or bacterial infection – this is referred to as mastitis. Once milk ducts are blocked, you could manifest flu-like symptoms like pain, redness, swelling, tenderness and fever. Further, a cracked nipple can aggravate symptoms as it allows bacteria to enter the breasts and cause infection. How do you Prevent Mastitis? Exercise proper hygiene. You should practice good hygiene especially in handling your breasts. Wash your hands thoroughly before you breastfeed. Make sure that your breasts are wiped clean too to protect from infection and to ensure safety when nursing your newborn. Breastfeed your baby on regular intervals. To…

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    What Should be in Every Newborn’s Room

    Your baby’s nursery certainly lies on your crafty hands. There are tons of ideas about designing a newborn’s room, furniture to include, and equipment or essentials needed for mom and baby. Aside from the aesthetic concerns of making a newborn’s room cute and comfy by matching colorful palettes and cartoon character details – safety and comfort still comes as top priority on every parent’s checklist. Check out the Top Baby Equipment and Essentials that Should be in Every Newborn’s Room Cribs or Bassinets This is one of the first items that you need to put inside your newborn’s room. Don’t go for anything that’s just fancy or colorful – buy…

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    Breastfeeding Trends for 2016

    There is nothing as pure and serene than the sight of a mom nursing her baby to sleep. Breastfeeding is the cornerstone of life as it shapes a baby’s present and future from day one. Valuing life is the epitome of breastfeeding and it is definitely worth celebrating. It’s the World’s Breastfeeding Week for 2016 and it has the slogan which promotes breastfeeding as the key to achieving sustainable development goals. World Breastfeeding Week 2016 How is sustainability linked to breastfeeding? Sustainable development construes improvement that meets the present needs of this generation without halting or putting risk on meeting the needs of the future generation. This revolves on three…

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    When Should Women Start Pumping Before Returning to Work?

    Women’s roles have burgeoned over the years yet her beauty never waned a bit. Juggling household chores, running a business, and taking care of a baby is not an easy feat but moms have always managed to work things out– thanks to her innate organization skills. Women are efficient with multitasking; and this is not a new concept at all. Interestingly, moms have actually been practicing this skill for centuries. Modern moms have revolutionized this concept by adding tweaks in technology that bolstered innovative ways to get things done. Baby Steps On the first few weeks, you have to focus on taking care of your baby; specifically with breastfeeding your…

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    Lactation Consultants

    Should I Care About State Licensing for IBCLCs?

    In 2014, the Rhode Island General Assembly authorized the Department of Health director to create a framework for the licensing of lactation consultants. In 2015, IBCLC Michael W. Fink of Memorial Hospital was first in the United States to be state-licensed to practice as an IBCLC. This is a breakthrough for IBCLCs all over the United States. Isn’t My IBCLC Certificate Enough? While the title IBCLC after your name gives you credibility, you are competing with a range of healthcare professionals and even lay people who may call themselves lactation consultants. Usually, state license guidelines and regulations clearly define who or who many not call him or herself a lactation…

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    How to Stop Breastfeeding

    Physicians and experts advise mothers to breastfeed their babies for at least 2 years, and even past that for the baby’s comfort and security. However, not all mothers have the luxury of breastfeeding their babies for that long, or even for the recommended year before babies can take solid foods exclusively. The mother might need to return to work, or might need to leave the baby with a relative or a babysitter. When there is a need, the mother should learn how to stop breastfeeding at the least harm to baby and herself. The Case for Full-Term Breastfeeding and Natural Weaning Breastfeeding is one of the few activities a mother…

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    Is Drinking Wine While Breastfeeding Safe?

    A pregnant mother who has religiously stayed away from alcohol may now be wondering about how lax the restrictions are while she is breastfeeding. Now that she has no more developing baby getting his or her nutrients directly from her, is drinking wine while breastfeeding safe? The short answer: yes, with conditions. The alcohol the mother takes in does not go directly to the baby any more–not through the umbilical cord, anyway. However, alcohol dispersed in the bloodstream still finds its way into the mother’s milk. Because of the baby’s weight and growth stage, it is dangerous for him or her to receive alcohol in any form. How Does Drinking…

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    The Facts on What Not to Eat While Breastfeeding

    A pregnant mother suffers from two things: diets and cravings. Pregnant women are faced with possibly the most rigorous dieting they have ever attempted. This time, something (or rather, someone) is clearly at stake: for a healthy baby, dieting is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, the end of pregnancy is not a green light to abandon your diet for your normal 10 cups of coffee, 3 bars of chocolate, and everyday sushi set. You still need to think of what goes through your milk and into your baby’s body. Because of this, it is important for you to know exactly what not to eat while breastfeeding. The Facts on What Not to…

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    Does Drinking Coffee While Breastfeeding Mix?

    Caffeine plays a special role in daily life. It is a pick-me-up in the mornings when you need the energy, a good way to relax on a date, a comfort food on a hard day. It gives the needed boost and wakefulness for nighttime activities, and works just as well the next day. In other words, one does not need to be a coffee-fiend to enjoy a daily dose of caffeine in whatever amount. However, breastfeeding mothers are predictably more cautious about their food and fluid intake. For a breastfeeding mother who loves her daily coffee, the overriding question is: Do coffee and breastfeeding mix? Can I drink coffee while…