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Lactation Consultants

Obamacare and the Rise of Lactation Consultants

As the great Winston S. Churchill would put it “ Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country could have” – US President Barack Obama couldn’t agree more when he signed in support of Obamacare on March 23, 2010, which was subsequently approved by the Supreme Court last June 28, 2012. This law is also commonly known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or simply Affordable Care Act (ACA) which regulates health insurance companies; in which some would tend to rip off clients for profit. Obamacare offers timely and just regulations that help protect and ensure you get the right health insurance benefits and coverage that you deserve. This also improves Medicaid or CHIP services for kids and adults, requires medium- and large-scale businesses to insure their employees, prevents unlawful gender discrimination, and guarantees that all plans provide coverage for minimum benefits; to name some.

hands carrying a babyThe Affordable Care Act (ACA) provision also upholds and believes in the value of breastfeeding for the health and bonding of both moms and newborns. This health care act aims to encourage and provide continuous breastfeeding support and requires that professional fees for lactation consultants and breastfeeding supplies such as breast pumps be covered by insurance companies and offered to patients free of cost. This is certainly great news for moms who are new or are open to the idea of breastfeeding but need the professional help to do such with ease and precision. More so, breastfeeding advocates are also in full support of this act. The demand for lactation consultants is on the rise in response to this breastfeeding provision. Lactation consultants are health professional in the maternal-child health industry specializing in breastfeeding and counseling. These healthcare providers commonly work by private or public practice in hospitals. Accredited or certified lactation consultants bear the initials – RLC or IBLC – which means that they are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants. The dilemma with this health act provision is that there are some health insurance companies that do not cover lactation consultancy services due to lack of lactation consultants in and out of their networks. Moms are advised to see their pediatricians instead which lack the training and proficiency in lactation counseling.

There is a huge demand now more than ever when it comes to professional lactation consultants because of Obamacare and it has opened doors of opportunities for people who are aspiring to join the practice. Dr. Linda Rosenstock, head of the Institute of Medicine’s Committee on Preventive Services for Women confirms this need in the medical industry as according to her “First efforts at breastfeeding are not as intuitive as it seems. Some women need additional professional support so they do it well and continue to do it”. According to PayScale, the average hourly rate for Lactation Consultants in the US is $26.28. Best for Babes Organization also confirms that the rate for lactation consultancy services is currently set at $120 to $300 per session which is by far worth the price tag because you get expert and up-to-date knowledge and care on breastfeeding your baby properly while ensuring overall maternal health and also receive information on the latest breastfeeding products. This is certainly a lucrative position for someone on the lookout for a high-paying and rewarding career in the medical field.