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    Can You Get a Tattoo While Breastfeeding?

    In Australia, a Federal Circuit Court Judge passed an injunction that legally banned a mother from breastfeeding her 11-month baby because she had 2 tattoos placed while breastfeeding. The mother tested negative for HIV/AIDS in the bloodstream, but the judge stated the mother had put her baby at risk of getting blood-borne diseases. In his decision, the judge referred to guidelines set by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Those guidelines do caution against blood-borne infections caused by multiple-use pigments, and the possibility of HIV/AIDS transmission through contaminated needles. Regardless, it drew much comment and protest. This begs the question: medically speaking, can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? What Are the…

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    Do Xanax and Breastfeeding Mix?

    When women become pregnant their doctors automatically advise a diet rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to help the baby’s development as much as possible. On the other hand, some are confused about which artificial drugs or medicines they can prescribe for mothers. Since the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) does not allow drug companies to ask lactating women to join studies, there are very few scientific studies that we can fall back on. However, there are some drugs we can already advise on, such as Xanax. Let us look at what happens when Xanax and breastfeeding mix. What is Xanax? Xanax is a brand name of the generic drug…

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    Can You Eat Sushi While Breastfeeding?

    Can You Eat Sushi While Breastfeeding? The answer is yes. However, breastfeeding mothers should pay attention to the preparation of the sushi they are eating. They should go to restaurants that only use flash-frozen fish for their sushi, and only order sushi and sashimi made of fish low in mercury. If you are a sushi-lover, the hardest thing about pregnancy will be the diet. Sushi is not encouraged for pregnant women, because of the high amounts of mercury in some kinds of fish that might harm the baby’s growth and development. While you may take some kinds of fish in moderation, the risk is high enough that some doctors still suggest…

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    Is Smoking Weed While Breastfeeding Safe?

    Marijuana legalization in Colorado and other states has restarted the debate on the benefits and ill effects of “weed.” Currently, medical studies show that the cannabis weed–where marijuana is drawn from–can be used as a painkiller, to manage epilepsy, and even to calm PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) patients. At the same time, it is also known that marijuana is responsible for a “high.” That in itself becomes cautionary. Smoking marijuana increases the heart rate to twice as fast as normal for more than 2 hours. As it is smoking in general, it can lead to lung problems and infections. Dizziness is normal, as is shallow breathing, a slower reaction time in…

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    Can You Get Pregnant While Breastfeeding?

    Not being able to get pregnant is on a list by The Lactation Network on Old Wives’ Tales on pregnancies. It has long been held traditionally that breastfeeding mothers cannot get pregnant. This may have been true in days when mothers used to breastfeed exclusively. However, in this new modern era, when mothers and hospitals are more likely to use formula on small babies, this is no longer true. The situation differs from mother to mother. After all, when it comes to science and medicine, there is no one-size-fits-all kind of action. However, scientifically, there are certain ways that make it more likely that breastfeeding will act as a natural contraceptive.…

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    5 Breast-Pumping Tips for Holiday Travel

    If you are traveling with your baby this holiday season, prepare for a lot of inconveniences. After all, you are no longer in your regular work-home routine. There are quite a few arrangements you need to make before you travel, especially if you are a breast-pumping mother. With just a few tips, however, you should be able to keep the issues down to the bare minimum. Tips for Holiday Travel Tip #1: Prepare Everything in Advance Preparation is key to any kind of stress-free traveling. If you are a breastfeeding or breast-pumping mother, this is even more important. Make sure that you have the breast pump machine sterilized and ready…

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    A Review of Breast Pumps and How Obamacare Pays for Them

    Breastfeeding is more than just a choice or lifestyle option–it’s responsible healthcare. Dr. Arthur I. Eidelman, former president of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, told Reuters, “It must be emphasized that breastfeeding should not be conceived as a lifestyle choice of the mother but rather as a basic and priority health decision that each mother must make and thus it is critical to create a supportive environment for this decision process.” Further, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the exclusive breastfeeding of babies is highly recommended for the first six months of life their lives, and should be continued until the first year even with the introduction of other…

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    Paid to Breastfeed?

    Childbirth and breastfeeding affirms the power of a woman. Bringing forth another human being is glorious while feeding your baby with your own milk is divine. Your newborn deserves nothing but the best in nutrition which can only be provided by breastmilk. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), “Breastmilk is widely acknowledged as the most complete form of nutrition for infants’ health, growth, immunity, and development.” Breastfeeding certainly has wide advantages for both mom and baby both health-wise and economically. Most busy working moms would opt to feed their infants formula milk to be able to speedily get back to work after a few weeks following  childbirth.…

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    Obamacare and the Rise of Lactation Consultants

    As the great Winston S. Churchill would put it “ Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country could have” – US President Barack Obama couldn’t agree more when he signed in support of Obamacare on March 23, 2010, which was subsequently approved by the Supreme Court last June 28, 2012. This law is also commonly known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or simply Affordable Care Act (ACA) which regulates health insurance companies; in which some would tend to rip off clients for profit. Obamacare offers timely and just regulations that help protect and ensure you get the right health insurance benefits and coverage that you…

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    The Importance of Donating Breast Milk

    How would you ensure your baby’s health as well as safety? When it comes to newborns, breastfeeding is one of the effective ways to secure it. But not all mothers are blessed with sufficient breast milk. Some of them are not even capable of giving any drops of it. This is where breast milk donating (or breast milk donation) comes into the picture. As a mother and parent, it is very important to ensure that your baby would always be ready to fight any types of disease or threat. Viruses are just waiting for their chances to attack. To avoid this, breast milk or breastfeeding will take great part in maintaining your baby’s…