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    When Should Women Start Pumping Before Returning to Work?

    Women’s roles have burgeoned over the years yet her beauty never waned a bit. Juggling household chores, running a business, and taking care of a baby is not an easy feat but moms have always managed to work things out– thanks to her innate organization skills. Women are efficient with multitasking; and this is not a new concept at all. Interestingly, moms have actually been practicing this skill for centuries. Modern moms have revolutionized this concept by adding tweaks in technology that bolstered innovative ways to get things done. Baby Steps On the first few weeks, you have to focus on taking care of your baby; specifically with breastfeeding your…

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    Is Drinking Wine While Breastfeeding Safe?

    A pregnant mother who has religiously stayed away from alcohol may now be wondering about how lax the restrictions are while she is breastfeeding. Now that she has no more developing baby getting his or her nutrients directly from her, is drinking wine while breastfeeding safe? The short answer: yes, with conditions. The alcohol the mother takes in does not go directly to the baby any more–not through the umbilical cord, anyway. However, alcohol dispersed in the bloodstream still finds its way into the mother’s milk. Because of the baby’s weight and growth stage, it is dangerous for him or her to receive alcohol in any form. How Does Drinking…

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    The Facts on What Not to Eat While Breastfeeding

    A pregnant mother suffers from two things: diets and cravings. Pregnant women are faced with possibly the most rigorous dieting they have ever attempted. This time, something (or rather, someone) is clearly at stake: for a healthy baby, dieting is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, the end of pregnancy is not a green light to abandon your diet for your normal 10 cups of coffee, 3 bars of chocolate, and everyday sushi set. You still need to think of what goes through your milk and into your baby’s body. Because of this, it is important for you to know exactly what not to eat while breastfeeding. The Facts on What Not to…

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    Does Drinking Coffee While Breastfeeding Mix?

    Caffeine plays a special role in daily life. It is a pick-me-up in the mornings when you need the energy, a good way to relax on a date, a comfort food on a hard day. It gives the needed boost and wakefulness for nighttime activities, and works just as well the next day. In other words, one does not need to be a coffee-fiend to enjoy a daily dose of caffeine in whatever amount. However, breastfeeding mothers are predictably more cautious about their food and fluid intake. For a breastfeeding mother who loves her daily coffee, the overriding question is: Do coffee and breastfeeding mix? Can I drink coffee while…

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    Can You Get a Tattoo While Breastfeeding?

    In Australia, a Federal Circuit Court Judge passed an injunction that legally banned a mother from breastfeeding her 11-month baby because she had 2 tattoos placed while breastfeeding. The mother tested negative for HIV/AIDS in the bloodstream, but the judge stated the mother had put her baby at risk of getting blood-borne diseases. In his decision, the judge referred to guidelines set by the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Those guidelines do caution against blood-borne infections caused by multiple-use pigments, and the possibility of HIV/AIDS transmission through contaminated needles. Regardless, it drew much comment and protest. This begs the question: medically speaking, can you get a tattoo while breastfeeding? What Are the…

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    5 Breast-Pumping Tips for Holiday Travel

    If you are traveling with your baby this holiday season, prepare for a lot of inconveniences. After all, you are no longer in your regular work-home routine. There are quite a few arrangements you need to make before you travel, especially if you are a breast-pumping mother. With just a few tips, however, you should be able to keep the issues down to the bare minimum. Tips for Holiday Travel Tip #1: Prepare Everything in Advance Preparation is key to any kind of stress-free traveling. If you are a breastfeeding or breast-pumping mother, this is even more important. Make sure that you have the breast pump machine sterilized and ready…

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    A Review of Breast Pumps and How Obamacare Pays for Them

    Breastfeeding is more than just a choice or lifestyle option–it’s responsible healthcare. Dr. Arthur I. Eidelman, former president of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine, told Reuters, “It must be emphasized that breastfeeding should not be conceived as a lifestyle choice of the mother but rather as a basic and priority health decision that each mother must make and thus it is critical to create a supportive environment for this decision process.” Further, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the exclusive breastfeeding of babies is highly recommended for the first six months of life their lives, and should be continued until the first year even with the introduction of other…